Hiring a drywall contractor might be intimidating. This is particularly true if it is your first time. You are perhaps thinking if you really have to hire one. Well, there are a couple of reasons why you should hire a professional contractor. This includes: 

  • If the project requires a permit 
  • If the project needs a couple of experts such as a painter, a flooring professional, a plumber, or an electrician 
  • If the project is going to take a couple of days 

Now that you know the reasons why you should hire one, here are several questions you should ask when hiring a professional drywall company

Can I See a Copy of the Insurance Policy? 

Asking for a copy of their insurance policy enables you to confirm that they carry insurance, how much coverage, and what kind. The coverage needs to include details regarding worker’s compensation and your property. You might be accountable for any injuries or accidents while the team is on your property if they don’t have the right insurance.  

Can You Itemize Your Estimate? 

You want to prevent hiring contractors that offer you a single price for your project. You do not know what they are charging for if this is the case. This includes labor and materials. You will know the cost of every single thing if you itemize your bid and understand how much of a price reduction there should be if you pick another material. You’ve got to ensure your estimate is a fixed price. It should not change at any point during the project. You should read the contract extremely carefully to understand what they can charge for if the contractor won’t agree for a fixed cost.  

Where Do You Acquire the Supplies? 

If you ask who the supplier is, it will offer you an idea of the level of quality and reliability of the contractor. It will also help you know your estimate. The contractor has to explain where they’re acquiring the materials from and include you in the selection process. This will ensure you’re happy with the price, feel, and look. 

How Many Similar Projects Have You Finished? 

Working with a reliable and experienced contractor is the ideal way to guarantee the project is in capable hands. However, it does not hurt to ask if they’ve finished similar projects. Aside from offering you an idea of their expertise, it will also help you know if you’re working with the correct business. If needed, work with a professional who is experienced in the project that you need.  

How Can I Get in Touch with You? 

Though this might appear very obvious, you have to get several contact information. A single phone number will not cut it if you are trying to reach the contractor for any repairs, questions, or updates. You’ve got to ensure you know their other phone numbers, physical address, business phone number, email, and much more. Keep this information for as long as you are using your home. You can use this if you experience issues in the future.